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Pricing Structure

At this time Capable K9s is not taking any new pet dog training clients. We have decided to focus on the Assistance Dog Training Program.

Assistance Dog Training

I am really proud of how much Capable K9s has grown however I am nearly at capacity and will only have room for one or two new clients before I have to begin to waitlist people. However, I want reassure you that even if at the time of application I do need to wait list you, the wait shouldn't be a hugely long one.  I can only accept a limited amount of current "In Training" teams at any one time to ensure every client gets the individual one on one attention required to succeed. I can't be sure if/when my wait list will change. It depends on my client load and how it is distributed. Initially I generally meet with clients every week as progress and change happens quickly to start with. Then clients start to move to fortnight, then monthly as they get closer to graduation. So if I have a lot of newer clients I have to wait for either a client to graduate or move to less frequent sessions to keep my workload balanced.  However because new client intake is not actually dependent on another client fully graduating, the wait should not be too long.

Lifestyle & Needs Consultation $100 fixed fee
Assistance Dog Application Fee $150 fixed fee
6 Months Training Plan Set Up Fee $550 fixed fee
Assistance Dog Training Sessions $100 per hour
Training Video Revision Time Billed at $40 per 15 minute increment.
Video time is rounded to the nearest 15 minute mark.

Cancellation Fee (within 48 hours): 50% of scheduled lesson fee.
Assistance Dog Teams have a minimum monthly training requirement.

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Required Items and Extras Fees and Costs
Assistance Dog Public Access Test (PAT) $150 fixed fee (Required every 2 years to maintain accreditation)
Assistance Dog ID Card $55 per card (Required)
Capable K9's Assistance Dog Leash Slider $35 fixed fee (Required)
Harness and Assistance Dog Labels $75 fixed fee (Required)
Personalised Assistance Dog Info Cards $65 for 250 cards $85 for 500 cards



Training Your Dog with Love Webinar $30 fixed fee
Assistance Dog Handlers Webinar $30 fixed fee

Cancellation Policy: As these webinars have limited capacity there are no refunds for cancellation.

Payment Details

I accept cash and direct deposit, but my preferred method of payment is PayPal.

Pay with PayPal
Pay with PayPal

Terms and Conditions

  • Assistance Dog Teams have a minimum monthly training requirement.
  • Anytime travel is required beyond 15km or 15 minutes whichever is lesser, travel time will be charged.
  • Any equipment required, such as specified vests or harnesses, will be the responsibility of the client.