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What other clients are saying about Capable K9s Assistance Dogs...

The web seminar for assistance dogs in training was fantastic! Really helped me gain confidence in what I was doing and provided brilliant information on how to move forward with our training. Monique is approachable and happy to answer any questions with great patience. Would love to do more seminars in the future

KF, Assistance Dog Handler – QLD

I owe you so much for Wally he has changed my mind and way of life thanks

AP, Assistance Dog Handler - VIC

We do our training by Skype then I video our practice and we get feedback on the videos we upload to the cloud - it's just great doing it that way and I'm so happy with the progress we are making. I'm continually amazed to the point of being speechless and almost frozen with awe during our training at how Monique "sees and reads" my Poodles' different body language for each one, ahead of their next move... I pay Monique to also train all my other Poodles... Mere words of "Thank you Monique" are such an understatement

LF, Assistance Dog Handler – NSW

Best trainer I’ve came across. All the tips I get really work, it’s all about love and treats and you get results very quickly even with a stubborn 9yr lab u can teach an old dog new tricks


I participated in a webinar based on assistance dogs and our rights as handlers, how to handle the general public and shop staff etc. it was great. I learnt a lot, especially about my rights and the legislation pertaining to my state. Really grateful for Monique for running the webinar and I would definitely participate in another and I highly recommend others to participate when they have a chance.

JS, Assistance Dog Handler – TAS

After long, desperate internet searches for anyone who would provide me with a trained assistance dog, I realised that I would have to do the impossible – train my own dog, to assist me with mitigating my disability, while still struggling to cope with the disability I need assistance with. Never could I have imagined that the trainer I emailed in a last-ditch effort to find help would turn out to be such a phenomenal person. Every conversation that I have ever had with people about training my own assistance dog since finding Monique, (long before Maggie was even born), always ends with ‘but the trainer we work with is amazing’. Truth be told, this simply does not capture how truly incredible it is to work with Monique.

Monique helped me to choose a suitable breed of dog, based on my needs and lifestyle. She recommended the breeder I chose, who, again, was incredible. She talked me through tearful emails about possibly missing out on a puppy, and celebrated with me when that eventuality didn’t come to pass. Within a week of getting Maggie, we had our first training session. We realised that this dog was exceptionally smart and learnt things at lightening pace – Monique easily took this in her stride, and adjusted our lesson plans so that we could progress steadily. When we hit road blocks, Monique helped us around them. When my disability became unmanageable at times, I knew that Monique would be waiting for us, and would meet me “wherever you’re at”, even if that involved regression.

There have been times when I have doubted my abilities (‘I am completely failing at this’), Maggie’s suitability (‘it’s like she’s forgotten how to sit!’), and even my own need for an assistance dog (‘but other people with my disability get on just fine without one’). There has never been a moment where Monique has not dispelled those doubts, and supported me wholeheartedly. What you see is what you get with Monique – she’s a straight shooter, with some truths that are sometimes difficult to hear, but that are always constructive and delivered with care. She doesn’t just work with me to train my dog, but she works with me to train myself, so that what I do with Maggie comes from a place of empowerment. She values both my health and her own, and takes time to sort herself out if she needs to, so that she can “give you all of me”.

I could not recommend Monique and the services she offers more highly – Maggie and I could never have gotten this far without her. Our official ASSISTANCE DOG patches and Capable K9s leash slider came in the mail recently, and we cannot wait to wear these with pride as we continue training and, eventually, working as a qualified assistance dog team.

- LH, Assistance Dog Handler – NSW