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Preparing For Your Lesson

Things you'll need to know before your lesson

Before any training session there are some important things I need you to do. You need to be prepared for the lesson.
Please have all the required equipment ready – this will include a leash, a collar or harness and your currency.


Preparing for your Dog Training, Dog Training in Australia Preparations

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What is currency?

For most dogs this is food. Some dogs however are more toy driven, some just love when their handler gives them enthusiastic praise. Work out what your dog just loves, what is your dog’s greatest joy? Is it having a ball thrown for them or a piece of roast chicken? The more enthusiastic your dog is to get the reward the more the response is going to be strengthened. Every reward in a dog’s life has a differing “dollar value” Find out what your dog likes – that’s about “$5”, find out what your dog loves – that’s a “$20” and what does your dog loose his mind over – that is a $50 note. I’d like you to have a range of currency available for your first lesson.

I use and recommend for most dogs Ivory Coat Training Treats for a high quality, very palatable, commercially available training treat. Of course you can experiment and see what your dog likes and prepare your own treats but please make sure that the treats are no bigger than the size of your thumb nail for a large dog or your pinkie nail for a small dog

Place the treats in an easy to access container or treat pouch ready for your lesson. Prepare twice as much as you think you’re going to need to use. It is better to have some left over than run out halfway through a lesson.


For some training I use a clicker. A clicker is a small mechanical hand held device that when you press a button it makes a “click” noise. We use this to tell the dog with very precise timing that whatever they were doing when the “click” happened is exactly what we want and that is what they are being rewarded for. These are inexpensive and available at most pet stores and sometimes even in the supermarket.


For best results please postpone feeding your dog the meal immediately preceding our training session. A hungry dog is going to work much more enthusiastically for his reward then one who just ate a big meal before their lesson. After the lesson you can give the meal, however please use common sense and adjust the amount you feed to take into account however much food your dog earned as training treats in the lesson.