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The dangers of an unregulated industry

The dog training industry is entirely unregulated. Anyone can decide to call themselves a dog trainer and charge as they please. While I usually would not call out another trainer, even if I disagree with them, but this particular case came to my attention as the “trainer” is using a MEAT SHREDDER on dogs as a punishment under the belief it mimics the mother’s teeth. After doing a bit of a look into her Facebook page, YouTube channel and website, her content shows that this is probably only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the archaic and cruel methods she uses to “train” dogs. She specifically takes a jab at people who “use science” (meaning positive reinforcement trainers). But some people prefer “balanced” training (using pain/coercion and/or force), but regardless of what style of dog trainer you want to use, make sure you vet (in other terms, researching) your potential trainer properly before you let them lay a hand on your dog.

So, this "trainer" claims to have a PhD degree in Canine Psychology and Behaviour Management and a Bachelor in Advanced Business Management, and a Bachelor in Training and Assessment. Which I guess looks good on the surface. However, as it turns out these "degrees" were issued by Alpha Female K9 University – also known as Alpha Female K9 Academy. Yes, folks, she accredited HERSELF. She also went on to bestow Chuck McBride and Cesar Millan as "PhD Doctors", certifying them both with the same accreditations as herself through her own university. Both men have been repeatedly called out for abusive practices. It is pretty evident that she also uses these techniques.

She has no external accreditation in any canine related studies. This is common in the dog training industry. Please do your due diligence before letting ANY trainer get their hands on your dog. Check their qualifications – experience is excellent, but it's not enough, especially in an industry that has evolved so much in the last 15 years. The science and the move from the old "traditional" training methods are outdated.


I would also be sceptical about any reviews posted online. It came to my attention that these are the policies that this trainer has published on her website:


  • Clients are able regain $20 Back after following a Video review and written Google Facebook and Wordofmouth review must proof to Dr. Stephanie thru text or email.
  • All Client MUST Attend for Video review for First Session and Written Google and Facebook page and Wordofmouth review on on your last week before you exams start.
  • Failed to do any reviews and refuse to take on reviews will have you disqualified from entering course or to complete your exam to pass.
  • Before you taking any session all clients must filled out a confirmation and declaration form to get started
  • Refuse to fill out form will dismiss you from coming back to Alpha Female k9 Academy

Sadly, this "trainer" is charging the same rate as I do, so price alone is no indication of quality. 


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