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Blog Category: Dog Training

The dangers of an unregulated industry

The dog training industry is entirely unregulated. Anyone can decide to call themselves a dog trainer and charge as they please. While I usually would not call out another trainer, even if I disagree with them, but this particular case came to my attention as the “trainer” is using a MEAT SHREDDER on dogs as a punishment under the belief it

Professional Dog Training is an investment in YOUR happiness.

As a dog trainer I have learned many people consider professional dog training a “luxury service” as opposed to an essential investment. I believe if you are brining a dog in to your life that investing in some professional advice as early in the process of adding the dog to your family, regardless of if it is a new 8-week-old puppy or

Does your dog look guilty when he has done “wrong”?

Many owners tell me “I know my dog knows it’s wrong, he looks guilty after he has done it!” Often as a justification for punishment. Today I am debunking this myth. Dogs are not creatures with morality. They are simply not capable of thinking about things in terms of right and wrong. Those times you think your dog is looking

Bathtime Blues?

Let's talk about grooming, if you have a dog it is a necessary task, and depending on the coat of your dog and the environment in which it lives bath time comes around sooner or later. Did you know it is possible to train your dog to like, or at least calmly tolerate bath time? Luigi is more in the tolerate it camp, but having a compliant dog