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Blog Archive: December 2021

The dangers of an unregulated industry

The dog training industry is entirely unregulated. Anyone can decide to call themselves a dog trainer and charge as they please. While I usually would not call out another trainer, even if I disagree with them, but this particular case came to my attention as the “trainer” is using a MEAT SHREDDER on dogs as a punishment under the belief it

Ever wanted to know how or why CK9 started?

So I did a thing. I was a guest on the SquarePeg Podcast, if you’d like to get to know me, and the story of CapableK9s a little better have a listen! Or here: I also did a little interview with Bonza Dog Treats that can found

Standardising Assistance Animal Legislation

As there has been a rapid growth in the use of assistance animals over the last decade there has been a vocal minority who want there to be a centralised register of assistance animals and want legislation to replace the Disability Discrimination Act and other state based laws pertaining to assistance animals. This on the surface sounds like a

Taking your pet to the shops

I am member of several camping/travelling Facebook groups and this comes up on a regular basis. People who decide that for whatever reason they should/can take their pet in to the shops. I have made a Facebook post about this, but I wanted to go in to even more detail in this blog post about why this causes harm to the assistance dog community.