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Blog Archive: December 2021

Should an assistance dog ALWAYS be with its handler?

Some people have the idea that assistance dogs are always working and must always be with their handlers. This raises the question of “Where is your assistance dog today?” if a handler goes out without them. It’s a deeply personal decision if and when an assistance dog is used. There are some very valid reasons that a handler may choose to

Etiquette tips for interacting with people using Assistance Dogs

Seeing assistance dogs out about in the community is becoming more common, over the last decade the assistance dog community has grown exponentially. People are becoming more aware of all the amazing ways assistance dogs can help people with all sorts of disabilities. It is no longer just the yellow lab guiding someone with a vision impairment.

What is blocking and why is it useful?

Today we are going to talk about the task “Block”. Blocking is when the dog is positioned to provide a physical barrier between the handler and most often, other people. This physical buffer and the additional space the dog provides allows handlers to have reduced hypervigilance and anxiety. The dog doesn’t do anything but hold position.