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Blog Archive: December 2021

Bathtime Blues?

Let's talk about grooming, if you have a dog it is a necessary task, and depending on the coat of your dog and the environment in which it lives bath time comes around sooner or later. Did you know it is possible to train your dog to like, or at least calmly tolerate bath time? Luigi is more in the tolerate it camp, but having a compliant dog

The Patch Paradox

Assistance dog vests are designed to display information about that dog’s status to the public, that is after all why we wear them. I know how tempting it can be to cover that vest in as many patches as you can possibly put on there - I mean the more patches you have - the more information you can convey and the less annoying questions the

A dog in boots?!

I have been hearing that a lot lately. Nikolai is sporting his funky red boots, but these are far from being a fashion statement - Nikolai's boots are essential safety equipment. This is what can happen if you walk your dog on hot cement or bitumen. The best method to check is to lay the back of your bare hand or your own bare foot in the ground.

Pets can help people manage mental illness, but psychatric assistance dogs can do so much more

While I was scrolling though my Facebook feed I came across this report from the ABC. "There is significant evidence owning a pet has benefits for general well being, but new research has found that pets can also play an important role in the daily management of long-term mental illness. When people living with serious mental illness were asked

Happy New Year!

All of us here at Capable K9s would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We thoroughly hope you have enjoyed your holiday season. We will be returning to work on January 6th 2017. The new year brings some exciting changes for Capable K9s. We have streamlined the process for registering with us. In order to book any training sessions clients must now