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Training During the Pandemic

I think we can all acknowledge how hard the last two years has been with Covid-19 impacting our lives on every level. Globally we are all struggling, and this has continued for much longer than many of us had expected. It truly is a trying time for us all, especially those of us working to train an assistance animal. I have had to constantly

The dangers of an unregulated industry

The dog training industry is entirely unregulated. Anyone can decide to call themselves a dog trainer and charge as they please. While I usually would not call out another trainer, even if I disagree with them, but this particular case came to my attention as the “trainer” is using a MEAT SHREDDER on dogs as a punishment under the belief it

Ever wanted to know how or why CK9 started?

So I did a thing. I was a guest on the SquarePeg Podcast, if you’d like to get to know me, and the story of CapableK9s a little better have a listen! Or here: I also did a little interview with Bonza Dog Treats that can found

Standardising Assistance Animal Legislation

As there has been a rapid growth in the use of assistance animals over the last decade there has been a vocal minority who want there to be a centralised register of assistance animals and want legislation to replace the Disability Discrimination Act and other state based laws pertaining to assistance animals. This on the surface sounds like a

Taking your pet to the shops

I am member of several camping/travelling Facebook groups and this comes up on a regular basis. People who decide that for whatever reason they should/can take their pet in to the shops. I have made a Facebook post about this, but I wanted to go in to even more detail in this blog post about why this causes harm to the assistance dog community.

Free yourself from the treat pouch!

I had an interesting conversation with a client in our session today and I wanted to blog post about it. I am a positive reinforcement trainer, and the primary reinforcer for dogs is usually food. I am all about using treats in training. Yet when my clients are sitting their Public Access Test, I expect them to do it without treats. I believe that

Why should you buy from a registered ethical breeder?

First a disclaimer: There are no "bad" dogs. Only bad people. Its not the dogs fault how it was bred or who bred it, and every dog with the right health, training and temprement can become an assistance dog. But this blog post is for those of you who are considering where and how to purchase your potential assistance dog and about how to make wise

Owner training without the support of an organisation

It is perfectly legal under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Commonwealth) to train your own assistance dog. It is not legally mandated that you join an organisation or hire a trainer. There is a number of case law decisions that support owner training without an organisation or trainer. There are several benefits in doing so though. It

What to consider when choosing an assistance dog organisation

Over the last decade assistance dogs have had a huge uptake in use. People are finally becoming more aware of the many different ways assistance dogs can benefit people with a disability. However, the assistance dog industry is largely unregulated. Over the last decade the options on where and how to obtain an assistance dog have become abundant.

Planning My Successor Dog

As previous blog posts have indicated I’m personally at a cross roads where my assistance dog is approaching retirement age. I had planned last year to begin training up my successor dog so there would be a smooth transition from working  Nikolai to having a mature fully trained dog to take over. It seemed like the right thing to do in